Pallet Racking Installation


Industrial Equipment Erectors has over 40 years of experience as a professional pallet rack installer in warehouses across the United States. We’ll ensure that your warehouse racking system is safely installed and compliant with OSHA standards while it optimizes your storage space and improves efficiency. IEE installs the following types of new and used pallet racking:

  • Selective pallet racks
  • Drive-in/drive-through pallet racks
  • Gravity flow pallet racks
  • Pushback pallet racks
  • Cantilever pallet racks

Selective Pallet Racks

This is the most popular pallet racking system because it is reconfigurable, affordable, and efficient. It can handle products of any volume, weight, or size. Multiple lifts can select any load in the same aisle simultaneously and without moving the surrounding pallets. Selective pallet racking is best for warehouses that stock a high differentiation of products in low quantities. Common industry applications include general warehousing, manufacturing, and low-turnover retail.

The two types of selective pallet racking that we install are roll form and structural:

  1. Roll form pallet racking is versatile, easy to upgrade or expand, and durable. The tubular beams, welded trusses and bracing, and multiple-shaped connection points increase the stability of the design. Many warehouses use this type of selective pallet racking.
  2. Structural pallet racking is sturdier and stronger than roll form. It is therefore ideal for harsh working environments and can bear the weight of heavy loads in rack-supported buildings.
  • Roll form pallet racks installed by Industrial Equipment Erectors

    Roll form pallet racks

  • Structural Pallet Racking Installed by Industrial Equipment Erectors

    Structural pallet racks

Drive-In/Drive-Through Pallet Racks

Industrial Equipment Erectors installation of Drive Through Pallet Racking
Drive-in/drive-through racks

With this type of warehouse racking system, pallets are stored on continuous rails that run along the length of the rack instead of shelf beams. Pallets are stacked back-to-back and floor-to-ceiling for high-density storage of similar products. In fact, drive-in/drive-through racking can store up to 75% more pallets than selective racking. Common industry applications include general warehousing, freezers and coolers, and high-turnover retail.

  • Drive-in pallet racking is loaded and unloaded from the same side, which creates a last-in-first-out (LIFO) inventory retrieval system.
  • Drive-through pallet racking is loaded from one side and unloaded from the other to create a first-in-first-out (FIFO) inventory retrieval system.

Gravity Flow Pallet Racks

Gravity flow pallet racking is essentially an unpowered, downward-sloped storage conveyor. Pallets are loaded into the higher end and use the natural force of gravity to “flow” down the rack’s rollers to the bottom end for retrieval. This type of warehouse racking can typically store up to 20 or so pallets in one lane, which maximizes space to store double or even triple the capacity of selective or drive-in racking systems.

Gravity flow pallet racks follow a first-in-first-out (FIFO) inventory retrieval system and promote fast and efficient product turnover. This makes them ideal for storage of perishable and date-sensitive products, such as in the food and beverage industry. Gravity flow pallet racks can also benefit the automotive supply industry, since the racking system can be adjusted and expanded to fit the dimensions of specific parts. Storing heavy parts on gravity flow pallet racks also reduces handling risks.

We install the three types of gravity flow pallet racking lanes:

  1. Full-width rollers are the most flexible and designed to accommodate multiple pallet sizes.
  2. Magnum (poly) wheel rollers are the most durable and ideal for storing pallets weighing 3,000 pounds or greater.
  3. Skate wheel rollers are the most cost-effective and are used with standard wooden pallets in short lanes.
  • Carton Flow Pallet Racks Install

    Carton flow rack

  • Pallet Flow Rack installed by Industrial Equipment Erectors

    Pallet flow rack

Push-Back Pallet Racks

Push-back pallet racks house a series of interlocking, wheeled carts on tilted rails that use gravity to push the pallets back. Approximately 7 pallets can be placed in each lane. When a pallet is loaded onto a cart, it pushes the existing carts backwards; when a pallet is removed, the pallets behind it gently slide forward to the front face position. This creates a last-in-first-out (LIFO) inventory retrieval system.

This warehouse racking system is becoming increasingly popular. It offers better selectivity (access to SKUs) than other high-density systems and can store up to 90% more capacity than selective pallet racks. Push-back racks are also compatible with a variety of lift trucks and are safer than drive-in because the lift doesn’t enter the rack system. This minimizes the risk of damaging the racks and shelved products. Since there aren’t any obstructive pallets, forklift drivers can retrieve desired pallets more quickly and thus save on labor. Push-back pallet racking requires little to no maintenance and the pallet carts are customizable.

Cantilever Pallet Racks

This type of pallet racking system consists of upright beams, arms, and brace sets without traditional shelves. They’re ideal for storing lengthy items such as metal beams, pipes, timber, and even telephone poles. For that reason, cantilever pallet racking is often used in the lumber and furniture industries. The open design allows for reconfiguring as needed to fit the dimensions of each product. Other advantages of cantilever pallet racks include:

  • Instant accessibility to individual items and full cargo loads
  • Specific placement of many different SKUs
  • Efficient loading and unloading with a variety of lifts
  • Increased storage space

Cantilever pallet racks can be one- or two-sided and built for light to heavy-duty loads. Those with mobile bases are wheeled structures that use motors to move along rails in the floor. This feature eliminates aisles and maximizes space.

When you choose Industrial Equipment Erectors as your pallet rack installer and purchase used pallet racking from us, you’ll enjoy significant cost savings. Contact us today for a free quote and expert advice to determine which type of pallet racking system is the most practical and cost-effective solution for your warehouse.