Mezzanine Installation



Free-standing warehouse mezzanine
Free-standing mezzanine

This type of mezzanine is multi-level, independent structures within a building that help maximize storage space. It is made of heavy-duty steel posts and beams, floor decks, guardrails, stairs, and gates. Common applications include parts storage and office storage.

Free-standing mezzanines can be customized to incorporate a variety of features:


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Building-supported mezzanine

As the name implies, build-supported mezzanines are attached to existing walls or other structures, as long as the building is capable of supporting additional loads. They are composed of tube sections, floor beams or columns, floor decking, and stairways. Other mezzanine customizations are also available, such as modular offices, shelving, and pallet racks.


Rack Supported Mezzanine with Catwalk
Rack-supported mezzanine with catwalk

Rack-supported mezzanines are versatile, easy to install, and more cost-effective than other styles of mezzanines. Since they are built atop existing pallet racks, a warehouse will save on construction costs and the mezzanines will be more visually pleasing. The versatile design is ideal for application in industrial, manufacturing, and distribution warehouses that support carton flow, pallet flow, cantilever shelving, and conveyors.


Shelving-supported mezzanines use rows of shelving units storing smaller items as a structural base. They can either act as reconfigurable open decks or incorporate a second level of shelving. Open floor decks create additional workspace and can store extra shelves and cabinets. Shelving-supported mezzanines can also be connected via catwalk platforms and walkways.

Three-story, shelving-supported mezzanine storing 80,000 shelves
Three-story, shelving-supported mezzanine storing 80,000 shelves