Modular Office & Cleanroom Installation


Interior Modular Office

Shipping & receiving interior modular office installed by Industrial Equipment Erectors
Shipping & receiving interior modular office

Interior modular offices are cost-effective, convenient, and easy to install and relocate. They can be freestanding or incorporated into existing building structures. Just provide us with the desired dimensions, window and door placement, HVAC and electrical requirements, preferred wall colors and finishes, and any other necessary details. If special load-bearing walls are used, a storage area can be installed on top of the structure. Interior modular offices can be built to suit many purposes, including:

  • Restrooms - Modular restrooms can be built inside an existing manufacturing or warehouse facility to accommodate the needs of growing staff or a temporary rush of workers. We can even outfit these buildings with showers and lockers if desired.
  • Lunchrooms & Break Rooms - We can build a solution that gives your employees plenty of room to enjoy their downtime, including space for a refrigerator, microwave, water cooler, tables and chairs, etc.
  • Conference Rooms - A conference room can be built to fit your desired maximum occupancy and any furniture and equipment you need to conduct important meetings.
  • Shipping & Receiving Offices - A modular office in a shipping and receiving area provides a secure working environment for personnel and a comfortable waiting room for truck drivers as their trucks are loaded and unloaded. This reduces congestion in the shipping area and minimizes insurance risks.
  • Worker Warm-Up & Cool-Down Rooms - In certain industries, workers may be exposed to hot or cold temperatures with limited ventilation for several hours at a time. Warm-up rooms provide such workers with a much-needed escape from the cold, and cool-down rooms help prevent heat-related injuries such as heat stroke and exhaustion. It is more economical and practical to maintain a small, environmentally-controlled room than to adequately heat or cool an entire warehouse facility.

Cleanroom Installed by Industrial Equipment Erectors


These structures help control environmental conditions such as air quality, humidity, and temperature. They can also provide sound insulation from surrounding operations to minimize distraction. This enables medical, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing companies to improve the consistency of their products, adhere to safety and quality control regulations, and ultimately increase their customer base.

Multilevel Offices

Two-story in plant offices are one of the most cost-effective ways to maximize vertical space in your facility. Instead of costly support columns or mezzanines, multilevel modular offices use strong load bearing systems for structural integrity. The modular construction allows for quick and easy expansion, renovation, and relocation that causes minimal disruption to business operations. As a result, multilevel modular offices can be placed close to manufacturing and assembly areas. This can enhance the communication between departments and thus increase productivity.

Two Story Modular Office Installed at Super Bowl by Industrial Equipment ErectorsTwo Story Modular Office Seating for Super Bowl installed by Industrial Equipment Erectors Two Story Modular Office for Distribution Warehouse by Industrial Equipment Erectors
Two-story modular office under construction

Exterior Modular Offices

Structural and prefabricated exterior modular building systems are more economical, versatile, and low-maintenance than conventional construction. Since they are quick and simple to build, exterior modular buildings can easily be expanded and relocated. This is especially helpful for projects located in remote areas. Their strong and durable structure can even withstand hurricanes, earthquakes, and explosions.

Exterior Guard Shack being installed by Industrial Equipment Erectors
Modular guard shack being installed

Industries in fields such as manufacturing, retail, medical, government, and education make good use of these cost-effective buildings. They are commonly built as equipment enclosures, guard shacks, storage buildings, large offices, restrooms, and commercial facilities. Your exterior modular building can be customized with a variety of different features and amenities:

  • Panel finishes
  • Custom exterior paint
  • Roofing and floor types
  • Stairs and ramps
  • Security bars
  • Window security screens